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Lauren Prentice is a serial entrepreneur having worked in the subscription space for over 5 years running a thriving theatre membership. In 2020 when the theatres closed she turned her hand to subscription boxes after seeing the growth predicted in the subscription box industry. She is the owner and founder of The Business Box and the Nutritional Ninjas Bake Box, both of which she launched on Subbly during lockdown back in 2020 and grew to 1000 subscribers within 12 months.

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Lauren Prentice
CEO, The Business Box
Lauren Prentice CEO, The Business Box


Lauren specializes in strategy for launching, growing and scaling subscription boxes with strategic implementation.

Lauren's signature course Tick all the Boxes has taught many now successful subscription box owners to launch and grow their boxes.

Lauren runs a free Facebook group called So you want to start a subscription box? with trainings, advice and a community for subscription box entrepreneurs. 

Lauren is also releasing her first book in October 2022 (published by Authors and Co) where she'll be sharing the blueprint to a successful subscription box business.