Liam Brennan

Liam Brennan

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Liam Brennan is one of the cofounders of Buster Box have been using Subbly to power their business for the last 7 years.

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Liam Brennan
Co-Founder, BusterBox
Liam Brennan Co-Founder, BusterBox


Buster Box is a dog subscription box company based in Ireland and the UK. Over the last few years Liam has helped sell millions of dollar’s worth of Subscription Boxes. He has also helped countless other Subscription Box owners scale up and build their ideal Subscription Business through his Consulting Business.

Liam is the creator of Subscription Box Experts program. Subscription Box Experts is a step by step program which explains exactly what you need to do to take your Subscription Box Business to the next level and sign up thousands of subscribers. The content covered in the course explains exactly what BusterBox have done to sell millions of dollars worth of boxes. The entire course is a video course that you can do in your own time.